Joey Nicole Thomas

Actress, inventor, craftaholic, writer, photographer, lovely redhead.

Joey was born in Security, Colorado to a moustache wearin breadman named Dave and a spitfire of a mom named Vicki.  Her older brother, Jeff, is one hell of a Dad and the sole reason she can break it down on the dance floor today. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with two bachelor degrees, one in Acting, one in Theatre Education, Joey decided to make the big leap to Hollywood.

 So in February of  2008 she packed up her life and headed West. It's been a crazy adventure so far filled with ups and downs but all in the pursuit of one day being on the silver screen!!


Joey has many other projects that she is working on as well.  Currently she is putting together her coffee table book titled "The Jumping Album".   She is also the creator of "dedangles:earrings for all ages".